TAPE: Demo #1, 1991,
Army of Death (self financed) - SOLDOUT!

TAPE: Demo #2, 1993,
VAUNDOUN (self financed) - SOLDOUT!

CD: The Return...1991-93...2006..., 2006, SOLDOUT!
In Metal we trust Records

Armed Death split 7" ep
coming soon

TAPE: The Return...1991-93...2006..., 2007, available by brazilian goat music recs
limited copies (sold out!)

TAPE: Ancient soul, 2008, available by French company: Maltkross Productions
limited copies (sold out!)

TAPE: Armed Death , 2008, available by italian black fog productions
limited edition, 100 copies SOLDOUT!

CD-r: In battle 1991-2007 , 2008, available by Old Railroad records (Belarus)
limited edition, only 99 copies SOLDOUT!

TAPE: Hellenic cult , 2009, available from Vultur Gryphus records (Ecuador)
limited edition 150 copies SOLDOUT!

TAPE: Mortis Domini , 2009, available from Death Crop Productions (brazil)
very limited edition only 25 copies SOLDOUT!

TAPE: Resurrection of the Past , 2009, available from French company
Ogmios Underground Label
very limited edition, only 66 copies (sold out!)

CD-r: Reborn, 2009, available by Satanarsa records (Russian)
limited edition 200 copies (sold out!)

Split CD: The Ancient Realm Cults , 2009, available by Liberum Arbitrum Records (Mexican)

SPLIT TAPE: In The Flames Of The Dark Abyss, 2010, available by Serpent God Records (Costa Rica)
limited edition 100 copies

TAPE: THE MEMORIES, 2011, available from Vibrio cholerae records (ukraine), very limited edition only 50 copies